Royal VKB asked us to join their ‘Food for thought’ design session in which a select group of dutch designers participated. During these sessions we developed several kitchen utensilis which perfectly fits in RVKB’s DNA. By redefining the basic functionality we achieved in creating innovative and ‘smart’ products with a great look & feel.

Chop bin

The Royal VKB Chop bin consists of two pieces: a container and a lid, looking like a groom. All the chopped ingredients are easily “shovelled” with the Chop Organizer; they are gathered and put in the pan or the pot without any problems. 

Wet & Dry organizer

The Wet & Dry Organiser is in its entire made of silicone, a flexible and easy to clean material. This material, in combination with the surprising design, gives the product a very stylish look.

Cake & Coffee

The new Cake & Coffee Tray of Royal VKB offers you the perfect solution: A small, comfortable wooden tray with a non-slip coating which gives the right grip for your dish and mug. With a matching steel dish this product provides the perfect mix of design and functionality.

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