Client:   Rodger bv

Service: Concept, Design & Engineering consult


The wireless bedwetting alarm system is a simple and pro-children aid to solve the bedwetting problem. Your child wears the special Rodger sensor pant containing invisible wires. When the transmitter has been triggered by detecting urine, the receiver will keep on beeping until the reset button is pressed.




We designed this medical device as if it was a night-light. We aimed for a product which does not have the stigmatized look & feel of a clinical product. By changing colors of the front and back part it is easy to create your own personal alarm.



Bedwetting is not a disease, it is an awkward problem. For those persons who are troubled with bedwetting, it is very troublesome and far-reaching. The social consequences can be staggering. They feel ashamed and are not open about it. Out of fear of wetting the bed at other places, they do not stay over for the night at friends and family places.

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